Giancarlo Barberini is an Italian photographer who has won several international awards for his work: PX3-Paris, IPA , ND Awards. He specializes in architecture, landscape, long exposure, and minimalist Black and White (B&W) fine arts photography.  His works have been featured in galleries throughout the world, including the Louvre, and in several national and international publications such as Camerapixo , Foto Cult and Our World. Most of his work is monochromatic because he feels that B&W is better suited to his work and can reveal much more depth and drama.

Giancarlo says: “My photographs are not intended to represent reality; they are the result of an aesthetic, sensory and personal vision. Slow Vision is, indeed, a different way of looking at the world around me, not capturing the instant but describing a succession of moments in delayed time. A journey into a parallel world where each definition loses its meaning and the material departs from its form and original colour to assume a new dimension.
Photography offers me therapeutic mindfulness and forgetfulness at the same time. I often focus intensely on a subject and forget the world around me. In these moments my entire being is lost in a great tranquility”.