Limited edition prints, represents the number of copies reproduced for each individual photograph.
The reference to a limited edition is added to show that the reproduction of the item is intentionally limited. This means that the image can be reproduced only in a limited amount of prints per size (30 or 50 prints depending on the image and size). When the edition is sold out no further prints will be produced for that specific image and size. Each limited reproduction is provided with a sequential number, title, dimension, date, signature and my personal stamp. As the prints themselves are signed, a special acid free, water and time resistant marker pen is used, PAT tested and ideal for archiving (The Photographic Activity Test, or PAT, is an international standard test ISO18916 for evaluating photo-storage and display products).



Prints are made using the new Epson SureColor P20000 printer and Epson UltraChrome Pro pigment based inks (10 colours). These inks combined with the fine art paper Hahnemuhle Photorag 308gsm , yield a life expectancy of over 200 years without visible fading. Archival pigment prints meet museum standards and are only dispatched after rigorous quality control. All items are made with a white wide border on all sides. The size of the print refers to the size of the photo.




With each print, I provide a certificate to guarantee its authenticity. All the relevant data that identify the work of art are reported on special watermarked paper: the title, the date of creation, the size and the materials used, the author , the serial number, the place and the date of printing along with a miniature of the certified image.

The double copy of the Hahnemühle hologram, with a serial number, is a further guarantee; the number is reported both on the print and on the certificate in order to immediately link the print to the relative document. The hologram is designed to safeguard the exclusivity of the edition of the works of art, reducing the risk of forgery; it is provided with security characteristics that are both visible and invisible.




The process of packing the prints for shipment is handled with just as much care. Once an image is printed and dried, it is rolled with an acid free thin sheet, which is put in a plastic envelope and in a rigid cardboard box afterwards. In the unlikely event that the item should be damaged on route, I will replace it once the damaged print is returned to me.
Finally, the shipping is insured for an amount that is equal to the value of the print in order to prevent any possible thefts or damages during its shipping. All prints are shipped unframed and the shipping is included in the price.


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